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The child has one intuitive aim: self development


This time of year has always been nostalgic for me. I love the “all is safely gathered in ‘ere the winter storms begin” feeling that comes with cleaning of the gardens, leaf removal, bringing in the hoses, the fountain, etc.

This year has a different twist because we will be moving mid-December and our youngest son was home in October from Hawaii to be in this house for the last time. He told his brother that leaving this time was much harder than usual. He was the little boy who used to go around the house and yard when we got home from a vacation and inspect all of his favorite places. I suspect he did that again when I wasn’t looking.

This year is especially nostalgic.

Being grateful is certainly part of the November feeling and having my boys together for two weeks was a treasured gift. I don’t remember if I took the time when I was your age to feel the gratitude that I should have. Likely I was too busy just getting the day-to-day done. There is so much to capture our attention these days that should be a reminder of the fragility of life. Try to find the time to be grateful.

My wish for you this month is for you to pause a moment and be reminded of your most favorite things.

This picture says it all. My boys. My grandkids.


Best in parenting,

Ginny Hacker, Director


P.S. On a completely different subject, you know our little school is a part of the Indiana Council of Preschool Cooperatives (ICPC), but also a much larger group called Parent Cooperative Preschools International. Read the quarterly newsletter here PCPI Newsletter that describes a Seattle co-op that looks terrific. I encourage you to click to sign up at the top and keep up with current news about the cooperative movement.

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