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A Cooperative Preschool Established in 1960



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How To Apply & Enroll

How to Apply & Enroll

Please contact our Membership Chairs at membership.mhcns@gmail.com to schedule a tour!

Please contact our Treasurer at mhcns.tuition@gmail.com to inquire about tuition assistance.

  1. Apply. Submit an online Application and non-refundable $25 Application Fee for each child
    • Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, with application date determining your child’s priority for class placement
  2. Enroll. Early Enrollment is open January 10 through 25 for currently enrolled families and those children who apply prior to or during the Early Enrollment period
    • A link to our Enrollment Forms will be sent via e-mail prior to the start of Early Enrollment
    • Submit online Enrollment Forms and $40 Enrollment Fee plus Tuition Deposit (one month’s tuition)
    • A Classroom Participation Training (CPT) fee of $25 will also be collected and covers the cost of a six hour parent education course for families who are new to co-op or have been away from co-op for five or more years. If you completed CPT at another co-op within five years, you will not need to pay this fee and complete this training a second time.
    • Early Enrollment ends prior to February 1 as noted in the current school calendar
    • Classes will then be filled with those children who have submitted all forms and fees
  3. Notification. Welcome letters will be e-mailed by March notifying families of class placement or placement on the waiting list
    • If class placement is offered but declined, Enrollment Fee and Tuition Deposit are non-refundable. The CPT fee is refundable if the training has not taken place.
    • Enrollment Fee and Tuition Deposit will be refunded to those who are placed on the waiting list
    • Families who are offered placement after the Early Enrollment period will receive a welcome letter once all forms and fees have been received
  4. Other Requirements. Enrollment is complete once these additional requirements have been met
    • Submit an online Background Check for primary adult participant (co-oping more than three times per school year) within ten days of being offered placement
      Cost is $17.95, link will be sent along with notification of placement
    • Submit a non-refundable second Tuition Deposit (one month’s tuition) by May 1 (if offered placement prior to this date or along with first Tuition Deposit if enrolling after May 1)
  5. Enrollment Complete! Enrollment will continue as long as space is available or based on waiting list placement in the event of an opening