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A Cooperative Preschool Established in 1960



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Parent Participation

Parental Involvement

As a co-op school, we depend on our parents to help our school run smoothly. Parents at MHCNS&K can expect to:

  • Participate in the classroom approximately once or twice per month to enrich their child’s education and to develop and enhance their parenting skills.
  • Serve on the school governing board, which results in a high quality program at an affordable cost.
  • Learn valuable parenting lessons by working and learning at orientation, parent education programs with expert speakers, group meetings, work days and school-wide events.
  • Find that in spite of today’s demands, co-oping is a workable and rewarding choice for the whole family.

Parents will also develop the skills to:

  • Learn patient and positive guidance techniques.
  • Understand limitations and capabilities of preschoolers.
  • Accept all children as they are.
  • Gain new friendships and support networks.
  • Respect and appreciate the importance of best practices in parenting and become better parents.