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Patient Hands: A Positive Solution to Interrupting

Whether you are on the phone or computer, fixing dinner, or talking with another adult, children interrupting is not uncommon.  By nature, children are impatient and when they want something, they want it immediately, which often translates into interrupting an adult conversation or activity.

No doubt this is a frustrating occurrence and I wonder if you have you found yourself doing any of these common techniques: scolding, explaining, punishing, threatening, sighing, bribing … or maybe a combination?

Our 6 year old grandson, Kai, is talkative and as lively as many little ones are which is charming to me … except when it isn’t.

SO I was especially grateful to learn an AMAZING technique from one of your fellow co-op moms when we were meeting at Starbucks some months ago.

She had her little one by her side and we all three sat on the bar stools at the counter. Mom had planned ahead and provided Edith with a pencil and paper, so she was busy with her drawing. We were busy with our adult conversation, but it wasn’t long before Edith placed a hand on her mom’s forearm. I noticed that Mom placed her hand over Edith’s hand and held it there with no interruption to the adult conversation.

Within minutes, there was a stopping point and Mom turned to Edith and gave her permission to speak.

With that one gesture, Mom’s message was clear that she valued and understood Edith’s wish. It was the gentle touch of a parent’s love and respect.

WOW.  Just WOW.  The perfect technique!

The picture below is Kai’s hand on Brian’s arm, waiting for his turn to speak. Very dear.

Certainly reminders are needed, but it works. Try it.


Best in parenting,

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 12.06.39 PM

Ginny Hacker, director

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