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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Playful Parenting

Shortcake for dinner?

 Makes PERFECT sense to me, and in fact it is a fond June memory in our family… dairy, wheat, fruit – several food groups – made a long-ago summer story of deliciousness. I served it the other night after making strawberry jam with wonderful, fresh Indiana berries.


Here is another story about dinner I “made” after a particularly trying (and rushed) day when the boys were young. I set the table with plates, glasses and napkins, but no flatware. I put a gallon of milk in the center of the table along with a package of Oreo cookies.

That was dinner.

The boys (including Daddy) were thrilled. Not much in the food groups, but we laughed a lot and it made a great memory.

Being playful is a sure way to connect with your children (and grandchildren). See my previous post https://meridianhillscoop.org/reading-a-good-book-leads-to-breaking-the-rules/.

Remember how much fun it was to play “peek-a-boo” with your 6 month old? Find that joy with children as they get older.

Be goofy.

If goofy is too much of a stretch, be silly. For example, do you have trouble getting your little one to get dressed? Try “helping” by putting his pants on his head (or yours) and see how fast he corrects you.

Costumes were in play the other night with our daughter-in-law and the 3½ year old twins. Lots of chasing and laughing with Bat Woman before Rapunzel appeared with her very long hair. (Timing was perfect for this post.)

If you want a playful excursion, visit Newfields through August 25thand see Summer Wonderland: Spectacular Creatures scattered all over the museum and grounds. Each animal is created from recyclable plastic and their tag line is: Welcome to the new Animal House. Check it out here: https://discovernewfields.org/

Parenting is serious business and indeed, THE MOST important job you will ever have, so be serious about being playful. It will make the job easier, and the bonus will be moments filled with lots of laughter.

Oh…and don’t forget the Oreos!

Best in parenting,

Ginny Hacker, Director

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