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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Forest Kindergarten Outdoor Classroom

Limited Openings in our Kindergarten Class for 2020-2021

Imagine a Kindergarten program that believes in the strength and abilities of children, where parents and teachers work together to create a learning environment driven by imagination, creativity, and exploration. There are no desks to limit bodies and minds, but rather a classroom experience that expands beyond tabletops and even our four walls, bringing learning to the places and spaces of interest to a 5 and 6 year olds. The Meridian Hills Kinderbird program is a unique balance of academics and play, using components of Montessori and Regio Emilia teaching styles in an environment where children have autonomy and shape the classroom experience. When we focus on the whole child, we build future citizens who have the skills and confidence to navigate elementary school and beyond.

We have limited openings in our Kinderbirds kindergarten class for the 2020-2021 school year! Have you considered trying a part-time program that offers small class sizes, spacious classrooms, and plenty of outdoor time? After recent school closures, our part-time kindergarten can offer your child a gentle transition back to a school day routine. It can also smooth the transition for parents wanting to soak up extra time before your child transitions to full-time school or for those considering homeschooling in the future. Our program allows time for home instruction or other enrichment activities while still giving you access to a supportive community of teachers and families during our class days.

Our Kinderbirds enjoy:

  • Moving freely between three spacious classrooms
  • Small class size of 12-14 students
  • Forest kindergarten in our outdoor classroom
  • Plenty of individual attention from our teacher, Mrs. Neal
  • Outdoor play in all weather
  • Daily access to our half acre certified Nature Explore playground
  • Class projects based on the children’s interests
  • Monthly forest days at Holliday Park

Our parents & caregivers enjoy:

  • Experiencing kindergarten and nature with their child
  • Participating in the classroom and getting to know their child’s friends
  • Bonding with class parents on the playground
  • Parent education talks and learning opportunities
  • Being directly involved in their child’s learning experience
  • Regular communication with our teacher, Mrs. Neal
  • A community of patient adults focused on your child’s social and emotional growth

Please contact us at membership.mhcns@gmail.com to learn more about enrollment. We are happy to answer your questions.

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