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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Job Opening: Part-time Director

 Position Summary:

Meridian Hills Cooperative Nursery School and Kindergarten was established in 1960. It is a non-profit organization where teachers and parents work together to create appropriate programs so that our children grow and thrive emotionally, intellectually and physically. The Director is responsible for working as an advisor to the teachers, Co-Presidents, and other officers/chairs as needed regarding classroom operations and parliamentary procedures and for overseeing the administration of Meridian Hills Cooperative Nursery School & Kindergarten. The Director shall engage in an estimated five (5) hours of work per week on average. This is a salaried position with compensation starting at $4200 depending on experience. 

 Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1. Advise the Board of Directors in a manner that supports the mission of Meridian Hills Cooperative Nursery School & Kindergarten 

2. Communicate effectively with the Board and provide, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions 

3. Serve as an advisor to the Board of Directors/Finance Committee in areas of financial management; may be called upon to assist with tasks such as budgeting, fundraising and grant writing 

4. Work cooperatively and respectfully with the rest of the staff and parents consistent with the collaborative model of Meridian Hills Cooperative Nursery School & Kindergarten; act as a liaison and mediator among teachers, the Board, or general membership as needed 

5. Collaborate with the Assistant Director/Senior Teacher in the following manner: 

a. maintain the standards of teaching 

b. serve as a sounding board to the teachers with respect to classroom activities 

c. supervise and be responsible for the orientation and training of all teachers 

6. Attend and participate in other activities related to the operation of the school. These activities include, but are not necessarily limited to: 

a. monthly (or as determined) staff meetings 

b. parent education meetings 

c. regularly scheduled Member meetings 

d. regular communication through Rallyhood 

7. Organize, with the assistance of the Staffing Committee, the process of teacher hiring when necessary 

8. Be responsible for compliance with the Indiana Council of Preschool Cooperatives (ICPC) Statement of Standards in collaboration with the Board of Directors 

9. Participate in bi-monthly meetings with the Co-Presidents and monthly submission of a log of task completion/progress 

10. Fulfill other duties as assigned 

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications: 

1. Bachelor’s degree, Education or Business preferred 

2. Co-op experience required 

3. Executive Board experience strongly preferred 

4. Familiarity with ICPC Statement of Standards 

5. Experience with non-profit management, human resources, and/or budget management 

6. Transparent and high integrity leadership 

7. Strong organizational abilities 

8. Knowledge of fundraising strategies unique to non-profit sector 

9. Demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff 

10. Skills to collaborate with and motivate board members 

11. Strong written and oral communication skills 

Additional requirements: 

1. Must pass a criminal history check 

2. A current (within the past year) negative tuberculin skin test or negative chest x-ray 

3. Biannual training and certification in CPR and childhood first aid course every two years 

4. Compliance with the ICPC Child Protection Policy 

5. Undergo a performance review before November 30 of the first year in this role; performance reviews after that time shall be on an annual basis


Please submit your resume and three references (name, connection, e-mail and phone) along with a cover letter including your philosophy of preschool education and how you would relate to staff and parents in this role. Applications should be sent by June 24, 2019, to the Co-Presidents at meridianhillscooperative@gmail.com. Interviews will be held on July 13, 2019

MHCNS is an Equal Opportunity Employer 


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