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Goodbye for Now


When we visited our son, Jason, in Hawaii last December, we met a very special young woman who shared a family custom of hers when saying goodbye was difficult. She learned it from a favorite uncle and shared it with us because we were all having a hard time letting go after a wonderful two weeks.  While there were still tears in my eyes and I had a hard time talking, saying, “Goodbye for now,” eased my leave-taking. The phrase seemed to carry the meaning that “we will meet again” and I always need that reassurance when I leave Hawaii!

Perhaps “goodbye for now” is a new custom we should say for the end-of-the-year farewell to favorite classes, teachers, friends and families. For many of you, your experience at MHCNS&K is a very special one, and it brings to mind something I posted last month as a Hacker family custom.

The Red Plate (pictured) is a long-standing tradition we used frequently as the boys were growing up to celebrate a birthday, a great swim time at a meet, a house that sold, a difficult catch on the ball field or even for a guest at dinner. The Red Plate was a gift we gave to Brian and Erin when they were married to carry on the tradition for their family.

The Red Plate ties into our MH farewell because cooperative families indeed are special. You cook, clean, text, build, supervise, play, encourage, wonder, question, email, carpool, paint, shovel, run, sweep, budget, plan, create, order and a myriad of other things that make our little school be the best it can be. You all deserve the Red Plate at your table with a “thank you for all you have done.

Best in parenting and goodbye for now,

Ginny Hacker

Director, Meridian Hills Cooperative Nursery School & Kindergarten

If you are interested, choices pop up when you Google “red plate.”

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