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Do You Believe In Magic?

I must…as is evidenced by my current Spring Break enjoyment of reading the Chronicles of Narniaby C.S. Lewis, and also reading A Wrinkle In Timeby Madeleine L’Engle out loud to 8 year old Kai (Reading fantasy books is an escape from current events. Ha.)

Well…actually I don’t REALLY believe in magic, but I do REALLY believe that childhood is filled with the wonder of life and when we see it through the eyes of our children, it is magical.

As we strive to teach about the world around us, here is an interesting story from a blog post from Grandma Says, March 2018:

A friend was caring for her 2½ year old granddaughter while the mother was at work. Meaghan asked the inevitable question of where her mother was, and her grandmother answered that Mom was working at her job at the bank.

 Meaghan said, “I could do that when I’m big.” Her grandmother agreed. Then Meaghan said, “Or I could be a ‘lectrician” – her father’s job. Her grandmother again agreed. Meaghan, obviously enjoying the direction of this conversation, continued, “Or I could be a nurse.”

 Her grandmother agreed, and eager to point out all the gender possibilities added the idea that Meaghan could also be a doctor if she wanted. Meaghan said, “Yes… (thoughtful pause) or I could be a bumblebee.”

 Her astonished grandmother had no reply.

 Is growing up to be a bumblebee not a WONDERFUL possibility in the imaginative world? Talk about “thinking outside of the box” which is one of the sought after character traits that is valued in our society. I wonder if adults who show creativity and flexibility in problem solving were masters of imagination in childhood. My guess is the answer is a resounding, “YES.”

Are our Finch, Chickadee, Robin and Kinderbird classes magical?

YES, again! We value the magic of imagination at Meridian Hills Co-op because our teachers encourage your children to imagine what could be. The root of that is that Bes, Linda and Malkah LOVE what they are doing and bring their joy to the learning fun in the classroom each and every day. I would say ALL FOUR CLASSES ARE MAGICAL!

 One day this week while you all were enjoying your Spring Break, Gigi was on deck to spend the afternoon and evening with my grandkids. Since the twins have given up their naps, I had an afternoon to fill, so I grabbed my container of pink sand (yes, from Bermuda) and assorted shells. When I walked in the door and the twins greeted me, I announced that we were going to go to the beach. Three year old Jace, said “We aren’t going to the beach.” I said, “Sure we are. We can go in our imagination.” “Let’s pretend,” as I poured the sand and shells into a big tub. He continued to be skeptical (while I insisted we were at the beach) but he joined his sister, Brooke, who had jumped right into the imaginary play with sharks, waves, seagulls and starfish.

Interesting to note that Kai was found on the floor at the tub later in the evening, happily running hands through the sand and fingering the shells. I was otherwise occupied with the twins, but I wish I asked if he was at the beach.


Best in parenting,

Ginny Hacker, Director

P.S. That look of wonder on the faces of Jace and Brooke reaffirms the magic of childhood.

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