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Author: Christine Wise

Messy play--sometimes you plan it and sometimes it just happens. And I remembered why it was important: social and emotional development, physical development, sensory input all happened in a few minutes. But there were days when I cringed. Days where I had just cleaned up one mess only to find another.
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Sometimes they reach the end of their language skills. And patience. The play suddenly turns sour with negative physical interactions, which is every bit of typical and normal for preschoolers. It’s no fun to be the parent of the child that was hurt--and it can be embarrassing to be the parent of the child that was the aggressor. What can you do at home to work through aggressive behavior?
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From our Director, Christine Wise. I came across my copy of the wonderful Feeling Wheel, developed by Gloria Willcox. It’s a great way to drill down and put a name to what you’re experiencing. It’s a tool I used a lot when my kids were little, and likely something I’ll be bringing back out now that we’re all at home […]
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